Weather conditions affect not only our mood but life in general. And if it’s much easier to stay neat and dry in other seasons, then hot summer brings its own adjustments, so it’s much harder to save the makeup. However, you cannot completely abandon makeup in the summer season especially if you are asked on a date with beautiful girls online. Here are several useful tips that will help you stay amazing even on the hottest day.

1. Apply primer

It would be better to minimize the amount of applied foundation in hot weather, but you should not neglect the primer. Choose a foundation that will shrink the pores and make the face matte. This cosmetic product will help save makeup and hide imperfections. In addition, all primers have sunscreen properties. It is necessary to protect the skin from the sun all year round, and in the summer, you shouldn’t go outside without sunscreen. If you have oily skin, choose a thick creamy consistency primer or a pudding primer that looks like powder.

2. Use concealer instead of foundation

Applying a foundation in hot weather is a very risky thing for both aesthetics and health. If there are no pimples or pigmented spots on the skin, you can use just a primer. If you have more obvious flaws, use concealer. Put it on the area around the eyes, chin and the nose, and blend well.

3. Highlight lips with the satin lipstick

It’s not very convenient to use persistent lipstick daily in the summer. Cosmetologists warn against lip gloss since, under the sun, it works on the principle of a magnifying glass and can even cause a burn. Fortunately, now there is a large choice of not only the color palette but also textures.

Satin lipstick looks naturally and gently moisturizes lips. In the shade, it has an even tone and saturation, and in the sun, it shines slightly from the inside. This lipstick can also be used instead of rouge.

4. Don’t forget about thermal water

Thermal water, mists and other sprays of the new generation must get a place in your cosmetic bag for the summer period. They perform several functions at once. For example, you can freshen up literally at any time. You can spray your face with thermal water anywhere: after fitness, before a date, in a stuffy office. In addition to the invigorating effect, thermal water will help moisturize the skin better. If you use it after each stage of care, you can make makeup more resistant and create a wet finish, removing the “dusty” effect of the powder.

Spray the product at 10-15 centimeters, drawing a circle in the air. Another way is to spray water into the air and enter this cloud. Do not wait for the complete drying of the product but blot the excess with a napkin. Be especially careful with water in the sun, otherwise, you will instantly burn.

5. Do not overuse waterproof mascara

It is difficult to do without waterproof cosmetics in the summer season, but it’s better to not use such mascara. It is difficult to wash it off, and it irritates the skin. Use more gentle products. Try to put the usual mascara and fix it with the transparent one.